2014 Issue 1


2014 ISSUE 1


Dream Believers • Bill Holder ’75


President’s Letter • Michael S. Roth ’78

Letters • Magazine Editor

President Roth Discusses Higher-Ed Access at White House • Magazine Editor

Fellowships for Perel-Slater ’11 • Magazine Editor

Forty Years with the Wesleyan Pep Band • Stew Gillmor

CFA Receives Doris Duke Foundation’s Grant Award for Adaptability • Magazine Editor

Scholar Athlete: Kevin Hughes ’14 • Cynthia Rockwell

Little Three Champs • Magazine Editor

Yamashita’s Lens on Tibet • Magazine Editor

News Literacy Project Launches Online Curriculum • Matea Gold

Historical Row: Wesleyan’s Underground Radio Station • Leith Johnson

Between the Lines: City Planner as Agent of Change • David Low

Mellon Grant to Support Creative Campus, Institute for Curatorial Practice • Kate Carlisle

Just Published Nonfiction, Fiction and Poetry • David Low


Wes at Work • Sabrina Zook ’89

Fins ’82 Receives Top Honor from Spain’s Medical Academy • Magazine Editor

Planned Gifts: Creating a Legacy • Magazine Editor

Message from the Chair • Megan Norris ’83


Wear the Change You Wish to See: Alok Appadurai ’00 • Todd Stone ’05

A Site for Happiness: Nataly Kogan ’98 • Lauren Rubenstein

Riding High with Rye: Sivan Cotel ’05 • Bill Holder ’75


A Healthy Appetite for Science: Mary Roach ’81 • David Low

Unleashing the Power of Stats • Kate Carlisle

The Cost of Not Learning from the Past • Jim H. Smith