2014 Issue 2


2014 ISSUE 2


Foss Hill Traditions • Bill Holder


Seeking a Photo of Aunt Cora


President’s Letter • Michael S. Roth ’78

Ted Shaw ’76 Remembers MLK Address: ‘Don’t Wait to Change the World’ • Lauren Rubenstein

Scholar Athlete: Jordan Schildhaus ’15 • Steven Jacaruso

College of Integrative Sciences to Offer Crossdisciplinary Approach to Learning Science • Lauren Rubenstein

Historical Row: Four Days in Spring • Leith Johnson

The Shasha Seminar on the Road: Alumni in Film • Magazine Editor

Between the Lines: The Disappearing Nomadic Culture of Mongolia • David Low

Van Vleck Refractor: Telescope Restoration Project Begins • Lauren Rubenstein

Just Published Nonfiction, Fiction and Poetry • David Low

Women of Wesleyan • Kate Carlisle


“Pushing Boundaries in the Workplace”: Jane Eisner ’77 • Magazine Editor

Ed Heffernan ’84: Fostering a Strong Endowment • Magazine Editor

Terry Huffington and Ralph Dittman: Funding Scholarship for Indonesian Students • Magazine Editor

Andrew Vogel ’95: Forging Relationships • Magazine Editor

Distinguished Teaching Fellow 2014: Rubenstein Explores the Multiverse, Kierkegaard in Seminars • Magazine Editor

Message from the Chair • Megan Norris ’83


Musical Scored by Trask ’89 Becomes a Broadway Hit • David Low

Collecting History: Kevin Strait ’97 • Cynthia Rockwell

Ian Garrick-Bethel ’02: Takes a Moon Shot • Magazine Editor


Never Give In • Kate Carlisle

Putting Social Psychology into Action • Lauren Rubenstein

Liberal Education? • Bill Holder