2017 Issue 1


2017 ISSUE 1


Editor’s Note: Expanding Our Vision • Bill Holder

The Prodigal Cannon • Magazine Editor

President’s Letter • Michael S. Roth ’78

All-Star, All-Alumni Committee to Choose Hamilton Prize Recipient • Magazine Editor

Fernald ’50 Leaves Financial Aid Endowment of $25 Million • Magazine Editor 

Winston Honored By German Government • magazine editor

Brumberg ’17 Wins Princeton in Latin America Fellowship • Magazine Editor

Study Abroad Student Photo Contest • Magazine Editor

The Write Stuff • magazine Editor

Telling Time in Antiquity • Magazine Editor

On the Road Toward Equity & Inclusion • William Holder ’75

Other Worlds • Magazine Editor

Shawn Dove ’84: The Ministry of Reversing the Trend • magazine editor

Historical Row: Edgar Beckham: “Turn Diversity Into an Educational Asset” • Leith Johnson

Dialogues on the Crisis of Mass Incarceration • Cynthia Rockwell

Sylvia Ryerson ’09: Radio for the Incarcerated • MAGAZINE EDITOR

Game On • Magazine Editor

Big Challenges for Non Profits • William Holder ’75

The Outlier • Gabriel Popkin ’03

Every Portrait Tells a Story • MAGAZINE EDITOR

Letter Home: Visiting Swaziland With Steve Kallaugher ’73 and Young Heroes Foundation • Steve Machuga

True Believer: Keeping the Cameras Rolling • magazine editor

Hyungsoo Kim ’02, MA’03 IsMaking Time Accessible—and Fashionable • magazine editor

Alumni News • Magazine Editor

Well Read • Magazine Editor