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Smoke Signals

ALDOUS HUXLEY AND GEORGE BURNS HAD AT LEAST ONE THING IN COMMON: Both believed a good cigar is essential to happiness. Huxley said a cigar is "much more lasting than love, so much less costly in emotional wear and tear." But how should one choose a good cigar? Joyce Jacobsen and Peter Kilby, both …
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Who Owns The Past?

KARIN HALVORSEN '97 HAS NO TROUBLE REMEMBERING AN AFTER-DINNER DEBATE she witnessed as an undergraduate on a dig in Morgantina, Sicily, co-sponsored by Wesleyan and the University of Virginia. The archaeologists around t…
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Out Of This World

MARTHA GILMORE IS GOING TO MARS. Again. In fact, this time she's not only responsible for helping pick a landing site, she'll be doing some of the driving on the red planet, too. Gilmore, an assistant professor of earth…
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