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Main Street’s New Buzz

ON A BRIGHT EARLY-AUTUMN SATURDAY AFTERNOON, pedestrians fill the central block of Main Street, which has been closed to vehicles for "Middletown Dances." A dance team from Middletown High School teaches "Hand Jive" on a temporary stage near Court Street. Onlookers young and old, of various ethnicit…
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Valley of Extremes

IT ALL CAME DOWN TO THE WIND ON VENTIFACT RIDGE. The wind—thousands of years' worth of sand-filled storms and sustained breezes blowing in excess of 50 miles per hour—had carved dramatic features into the solid rocks an…
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Dance of the Genes

"One of the great lessons I've learned from Liz [Lerman] in the three years we've worked together is the importance of 'rattling around in somone else's universe,'" writes Center for the Arts director Pamela Tatge '84 in…
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