Sierra Livious ’14 is the Wesleyan record holder for the outdoor shot put (39- 10) and the indoor pentathlon (3,157 points). In 2011-2012, she was all-New England Division III indoors in both the shot put (6th) and the pentathlon (5th), as well as all-ECAC Division III indoors in the pentath- lon (8th). Outdoors, she added New England Division III heptathlon champion and all- ECAC Division III in the heptathlon (6th).

Livious has created a University Major tailored to her interest, The Anatomy of Movement, with classes in neuroscience and behavior, biology, and dance, and has advisers in each discipline. “I’ve always been fascinated by what happens inside the body, and I love to move,” she explains, citing Modern 3, as well as Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy, as favorite courses this semester. She’s also a resident adviser and finds time to dance in three campus troupes.

“One of the best things about being a multi-eventer is that I get to work with all the coaches,” she says. “They are very under- standing of their student-athletes, but they also work us hard. Particularly with the head coach, Walter Curry, and the multi coach, Mark Winiarski, I never know what to expect. And I love that.” UPFRONT