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NESCAC Fights the Trend

AT 4:30 P.M. ON A FEBRUARY AFTERNOON, the fitness rooms in the Freeman Athletic Center are jammed. Forget about getting on one of the two newest machines, $4,500 elliptical cross trainers that let you simulate running up hills. Just finding a free exercise bike or a set of weights can be difficult. …
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Our roundup of noteworthy publications by Wesleyan alumni, faculty members, and parents. STEVEN ALMOND ’88 My Life in Heavy Metal (Grove/Atlantic, 2002) Most of the 12 stories in this entertaining fiction debut deal …
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Rays of Hope

Ellen’s moods and energy levels during her pregnancy weren’t bad at all. Maybe it was the hormonal changes, or just the joy of finally being pregnant. Whatever the case, Ellen didn’t miss the medication she had taken for…
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