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Designed to Grow

BY BRIAN SCHWARTZ | PHOTOGRAPHY BY ROBERT ADAM MAYER IN A SLEEPY BUT RESURGENT NEIGHBORHOOD IN BROOKLYN, in a granitic old building at the end of a residential street, the employees of a local clothing company are busy making designs. Thanks to a recent snow, the sidewalks outside are slushy and co…
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Scaling the Heights

IT’S NOT EVERY DAY THAT BIG-NAME theater producers offer $2.5 million to stage a young artist’s first major show. But that’s exactly what happened to Lin-Manuel Miranda ’02 and the creative team of In the Heights, a vibr…
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The Race

NEW LONDON, CONNECTICUT. APRIL 1986. The water rushes by a mere six inches below me. I do not notice. I have spent hundreds, perhaps thousands of hours in this position. I am the “seven man” in an eight-man racing shell,…
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Honorary Degrees

At the 175th Commencement ceremony, Wesleyan awarded honorary degrees to JEWEL PLUMMER COBB P’79, renowned as a teacher, a research biologist, and an advocate for the participation of women and members of minority gro…
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