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Help Needed

MUZZY ROSENBLATT ’87 IS NAVIGATING THE STREETS OF LOWER MANHATTEN IN HIS VAN ON A SUMMER MORNING. We are stopped at a red light when we see a man on the sidewalk tracing an erratic path, from one pedestrian to another. Rosenblatt, with his elbow out the window, pulls over to the curb. The man lopes …
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Murder Will Out

THE 7 A.M. MONDAY MORNING PHONE CALLdidn't surprise attorney Bill Devereaux '75. He often gave his home number to clients as a trial approached. But it wasn't one of his clients on the other end of the line. It was Todd…
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Who Owns The Past?

KARIN HALVORSEN '97 HAS NO TROUBLE REMEMBERING AN AFTER-DINNER DEBATE she witnessed as an undergraduate on a dig in Morgantina, Sicily, co-sponsored by Wesleyan and the University of Virginia. The archaeologists around t…
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What’s Eating Us?

"A LOT OF PEOPLE THINK EATING DISORDERS are based in vanity," says Professor of Psychology Ruth Striegel-Moore. "Bulimia is ‘the stupid thing vain women do.' But they're really disorders of identity." That crucial insig…
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Playing Politics

YOU MIGHT THINK THAT BRADLEY WHITFORD ’81, award-winning actor on NBC’s The West Wing, could take a lunch break that lasted as long as he wanted. But his beeper goes off and immediately he’s due back on the set, despite…
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