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Trusted Source

During the last six weeks of the 2010 elections, The New York Times, Politico, NPR’s All Things Considered, Bloomberg News, CBS Evening News, ABC News and more than 100 other news media outlets repeatedly referred to one source for information on televised election advertising: The Wesleyan Media Pr…
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No Laughing Matter

Among this year’s most popular SuperBowl ads was the latest installment in’s “monkeys” campaign, starring a horde of rowdy chimps with corporate jobs. In the ad, chimpanzees in ties and trench coats cr…
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Our Man in India

By Eric Gershon ’98 | Photography By Vidyun Sabhaney William Nanda Bissell ’88 has big ideas for a big country. He would abolish the presidency and one house of parliament. He’d lift corporate taxes and income taxes, r…
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