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Commitment to Humanity

“I was shocked when I found out,” says Kim-Marie Spence ’00. “I’m overwhelmed and overjoyed!”   Her reaction is understandable. After all, being awarded a Rhodes Scholarship is the kind of honor most people only dream of.   Spence, a government and economics major as well as a member o…
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Coast Guard Brass

 A quiet academic collaboration between the Coast Guard Academy and Wesleyan during the ’60s and ’70s has a remarkable postscript. Three of the highest-ranking Coast Guard officers, including the commandant, hold graduat…
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Rays of Hope

Ellen’s moods and energy levels during her pregnancy weren’t bad at all. Maybe it was the hormonal changes, or just the joy of finally being pregnant. Whatever the case, Ellen didn’t miss the medication she had taken for…
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Our roundup of noteworthy publications by Wesleyan alumni, faculty members, and parents. NONFICTION W. WOSINKA, R.B. CIALDINI, D. W. BARRETT ’86 and J. REYKOWSKI, editors The Practice of Social Influence in Multiple C…
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