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Doing Her “Science-Writerly Best” on Taboo Topics

“After the publication of Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers, I became the go-to gal for all things cadaver,” author Mary Roach ’81 confessed to those who flocked to her WESeminar at Homecoming/Family Weekend. “People conclude that I must always have been obsessed with dead bodies–although …
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Ellen Davis ’07 is setting a remarkable pace through Wesleyan. This 2005 All-American from Marshall, N.C., made her fourth trip to the NCAAs in cross-country after winning the 2006 New England Division III title. She fin…
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Digital Artistry

Now that photography has gone digital, do we take pictures or make them?   Photographer Jonathan Lipkin ’91 posed that question when he visited campus in October as a guest of the Center for the Humanities. Lipkin…
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A Better Vibe

BY LARRY GETLEN | PHOTOGRAPHY BY BILL BURKHART IN BEAT THIS: A HIP-HOP HISTORY, a 1984 BBC documentary about the seminal days of hip-hop, rap pioneer DJ Kool Herc talks about the South Bronx house parties where he helpe…
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