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The 2008–09 year began with triumph and fanfare as we celebrated a Tony Award-winning production on Broadway. As the year ended, we were shaken by the tragedy of the murder of Johanna Justin-Jinich ’10. In these instances and throughout the rest of the year, I was inspired by the depth and energy of…
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Ask the Crowd

Jonathan Spector ’78, chief executive officer of the Conference Board, has a story he likes to tell that contains a revolutionary message for American business. A mining company called Goldcorp had worked an area until …
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A Different Vision

I dreaded going to grade school. Throughout childhood, I had 20/20 acuity in both eyes, but I had trouble learning to read. When I looked down at the letters on the page, they didn’t stay in one place. This problem grew …
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Focus on the Truth

BY KATHERINE JAMIESON ’96 After a Christmas shopping trip to Pottery Barn in 2003, Andrew Berends ’94 knew he had to go to Iraq. While he browsed through $4,000 leather chairs, swathed in ambient music and mood lighting…
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