Disappointed in Policy Change

Douglas G. Morris ’76, JD, PHD:

In light of your decision to end need-blind admissions, I will stop making contributions to Wesleyan (which have been modest but steady). I make the decision sadly since I got a wonderful education at and feel great affection for Wesleyan. But I cannot let sentimentality interfere with my “core values.” I see no reason why I should provide money that will give an extra boost to even 10 percent of a class who have started off from a raised playing field and will benefit from a Wesleyan education through discrimination against the economically less fortunate. I have no doubt that, once the barrier on 100 percent need-blind admissions is broken, the 90 percent who are accepted on a need-blind basis will decline, who knows, maybe soon enough to 47 percent. The explanation that you and others have provided for your decision convinces me only of what an earlier era of Wesleyan professors taught me: power uses economic necessity as an excuse for worsening discrimination and stripping away rights. In reconsidering my giving in light of your decision, I will double the amount that I used to give to Wesleyan and add it to my annual contribution to the United Negro College Fund. If and when Wesleyan changes its policy, I will reconsider my contributions.