Apologies to Phil Carney

Thank you for publishing the article about the Founders of Wesleyan Rowing in the June issue. And thanks also to Alex Thomson ’82 for writing it.

There was, however, an error that needs correcting. The coach for the past 25 years has been Phil Carney … not Phil Calhoun ’62 as published in the article.

Phil Carney needs to be recognized for the excellent job that he has done and continues to do for Wesleyan rowing. You can look up the successful records of his crews on the water, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. He has huge participation in his program, which tells me that he has continued the tradition of enthusiasm and conviction about rowing that began with Phil Calhoun. Every year at the Head of the Charles we meet another crop of Phil Carney’s rowers, and it is easy to see the camaraderie that he has with his kids and the respect they have for him.

Also, the Founders appreciate Phil’s support for our rowing program over the past 20 years. He generously makes the boats available to us, without which we would not be able to continue this rich tradition.

This is not to take anything away from Phil Calhoun. It was his dedication and inspiration that began the renaissance of Wesleyan rowing in 1964–65 through 1972. We never would have gotten on the water without him.

On behalf of all the Founders, I want to express our appreciation to both of the Phils for the experience of rowing that they have given to us and to hundreds of other Wesleyan rowers.


Menlo Park, CA

Ed. Note: Apologies for our error. The text that Alex Thomson sent us read:

“It is also important to note that without the enthusiasm and efforts of the Head Coach of the Men’s Crew, Phil Carney, we would never be able to bring our groups together to race. For the past 25 years, Phil has provided the program with terrific leadership and consistent success which has made the Men’s Crew a contender for both the New England and Small College National Championships.”