Get Involved

Max Rose ’08 offers four easy ways to make positive change in your community.

  1. Be Honest. About income inequality and the massive power asymmetries that our system is built upon: “If you want to say you care about economic injustice, stop paying lower tax rates than teachers and nurses and sanitation workers and janitors. Otherwise you’re a hypocrite.”
  2. Get Involved in Politics. That doesn’t mean “just saying you knocked on doors the day before Election Day and took a photo. . . . It’s really
    involving yourself in political organizing.”
  3. Don’t Stop at the Tagline. Whether it’s “Abolish ICE” or “Build the Wall”—“civic engagement is not merely hashtags (and) Instagram posts. . . . It also means coming face to face with ways in which you are yourself part of the problem and need to become part of the solution.”
  4. Build Diverse Networks. “It’s our social networks that produce privilege.”