When is the last time you were back on campus, sat in on a Wesleyan class, or watched a Wesleyan soccer game? If you are like me, you are either too busy or too far away to just drop in, but when you do reconnect with Wesleyan or your fellow alumni, you are energized and inspired, nostalgic for the time you spent on campus as a student, and grateful for the impact your Wesleyan experience has had on your life since then.

Thanks to the wonders of technology, Wesleyan is now only a few keystrokes away. While you are always welcome to visit Wesleyan’s home page and Wesconnect, the alumni home page, you don’t have to go to Wesleyan—Wesleyan will come to you. You can follow Wesconnect on Twitter and Facebook. I like to get sports scores and announcements of upcoming events on Twitter and watch video of events on campus (such as Joss Whedon’s Commencement speech) on YouTube. You can watch live webcasts of athletic events (like the first night football game in NESCAC history: Tufts at Wesleyan on Sept. 21, with a 52–9 Wesleyan win). You can listen to interviews from the Wesleyan Storytelling Project on SoundCloud and look at pictures (my current favorites are Professor Barry Chernoff’s adventures with students—travels from the Connecticut River to South America) on Tumblr.

If you like to get your Wesleyan fix in a more unfiltered way, follow the Wesleyan student blog, Wesleying. You can find Wesleyan alumni on LinkedIn. To stay in touch with fellow alumni the old-fashioned way (which is how my Wes 2017 daughter describes e-mail), use the directory on Wesconnect or join WesChat, the alumni listserve. For more ways to stay connected online, see Wes on the Web (

If you come to campus for Reunion & Commencement or Homecoming/Family Weekend, Wesleyan now has a terrific mobile app for special events. And coming soon, there will be a new Wesleyan directory app, so you don’t have to keep looking up your Wesconnect password (incidentally, you can set up a social login for Wesconnect by following these easy steps: wesconnect.wesleyan .edu/howto-use-social-login). So there’s no excuse for being a stranger in between your Reunions. Whether you just put your toe in the water or take the plunge from the high dive, jump in and try it. I promise, a regular dose of Wesleyan is a great thing.

Megan Norris ’83, P’17

Chair, Wesleyan Alumni Association