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Comedic Musical for Alumni

CABARET SHOW Singer/songwriter Karen Gross ’01 entertained a full house–including local Wesleyan alumni–with her cabaretstyle performance, Sex and the Single Singer, at the Tin Angel, a prestigious music venue in Philadelphia, in July. She describes the show as a one-woman comedic musical journey …
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As Good As Gold

When members of the Wesleyan Class of ’07 gives their senior gift to alma mater, it will be a donation to financial aid of more than $10,000. Mary Livingston ’04, assistant director of the Wesleyan Annual Fund for Excel…
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Life in the Bronx

Steven Tejada ’97 brought an excerpt from Boogey Down Journeys, his oneman show of original monologues, to the Black and Latino Alumni Reconnection/ Reunion Weekend this June in Washington, D.C. The characters he creates…
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