Campus Life: International Student Photo Contest

Wesleyan students submitted more than 300 photos for the 2011 International Student Photo Contest, sponsored by the Office of International Studies and the Office of Student Activities. Of these, 46 were selected as finalists; three of the winners are shown—one on the table of contents and two on this page.

A Day in the Life of a Pet Iguana
Sora Akiyoshi, 2014
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Animals & Nature, Second Place
This pet iguana is just relaxing on the fence next to a food vendor on a pleasant summer day in Hua Hin, Thailand, 2010. In the back, people ride by on their mopeds, which are one of the main modes of transportation in Thailand. The pace of life in Hua Hin was slow in comparison to my quick-paced life back in New York so it was a nice change.

Woman Bathing in River
William Tyner, 2013
People & Portraits, First Place
I was in Gopalganj, Bangladesh, which is the countryside of Bangladesh. I was visiting a village where the Grameen Bank had stationed a water purification system to help rid the region of arsenic—and I was helping to evaluate the overall efficacy of the project.

The Flower
Arya Alizadeh, 2013
Animals & Nature, First Place
(August 13, 2008, Tucker’s Town, Bermuda)
This is a photo of a night-blooming cereus, a cactus-based flower that only blooms a few times a year, only at midnight. We Bermudians will often travel to areas around the island where these plants grow to see many blossoms coming from a single cactus.