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Wesleyan Grows

By Katherine Jamieson ’96 In 1995, when Anya Fernald decided to take a year off from Wesleyan, she didn’t go off traveling or enroll in another university. She went to bake bread in California, Montana, and Greece. While other students in the College of Social Studies major were writing theses on c…
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Check It Twice

Ten high school seniors in the Facing History School in Manhattan are eyeing David Gonzalez with a show–me look that suggests he doesn’t have long to grab their attention even though their English teacher is scanning the…
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Lab of Ideas

By Herb Brody | Photography by Bill Burkhart The next time you’re bumped from an airline flight, don’t think of it as bad luck. You’re just the victim of a poorly worked out constraint satisfaction problem. A flight boo…
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For Meaghan Dendy ’10, dedication to her studies, sports, and community cross all seasons. On the softball field, she was the Cardinal career record–holder for hits (188), runs scored (134), RBI (78), doubles (31), and p…
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