Letter to the Editor: Moments of Inspiration

My family has broad roots at Wesleyan.  My brother Brad was a Wesleyan athlete in the ’70s, I earned my MALS at Wesleyan when Wesleyan professors still elevated the landscape of that program, my youngest son graduated with a degree in Creative Writing and Economics in ’18, and two other sons—both teachers—have studied in the GLS program. I read your magazine at least casually whenever it appears in our mailbox, typically searching for familiar names.

Today I read the latest issue, Work in Progress, with care and interest. As a teacher, I have worked with many students with disabilities and found A Hard Life, Well Lived particularly compelling in its reference to those with disabilities that cannot be seen. How extraordinarily important for a person with physical disabilities to recognize those with emotional and cognitive ones! As a mom who lost a daughter, I was moved to tears by the magazine’s closing article, Made New by the Moon: A Child’s Name. Children are so rarely remembered by anyone but their parents, and Mr. Boyden has provided these parents with a great gift. 

With thanks for these moments of inspiration,

Lynn Vanacore Bloom P’18
Concord, Massachusetts