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Eating Disorders Expert

Adolescent girls in the United States skip breakfast more frequently as they grow older, with African-American girls more likely to skip their morning meal than white girls, according to Professor of Psychology Ruth Striegel-Moore.   A study co-authored by Striegel-Moore, an authority on eati…
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A Secret Sacrifice

TUESDAY, NOV. 3, 1981 CIA HEADQUARTERS, LANGLEY, VIRGINIA As David Forden '52 displayed his ID badge to the guards at the entrance gate to CIA headquarters, he was preoccupied by the growing unrest in Poland. Over brea…
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Calculated Risks

ALAN DACHS '70, PRESIDENT AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER OF THE SAN FRANCISO-BASED INVESTMENT COMPANY FREMONT GROUP,¬†recently concluded 14 years of service on Wesleyan's Board of Trustees, eight of those as chair. He played…
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