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When the organizers of Make Music New York went looking for someone to conduct the East Coast premiere of Henry Brant’s Orbits in the Guggenheim Museum, they were led naturally to Professor of Music Neely Bruce.   Bruce, a longtime friend of the late composer and co–executor of Brant’s musica…
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Angus McCullough ’10, a studio art major concentrating in architecture, is one of seven finalists among nearly 400 competitors worldwide in an architectural design contest seeking new visions for the Grand Concourse in t…
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On Air

BY TRACEY O’SHAUGHNESSY, MALS ’02 | PHOTOGRAPHY BY BILL BURKHART It started with moxie. From the time two cunning Clark Hall students slithered through Wesleyan’s maintenance tunnels and hooked a small transmitter to i…
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Dream Argonaut

BY CHARLOTTE ALBRIGHT | PHOTOGRAPHY BY HERB SWANSON At some point in the next 24 hours, parts of your brain may shut down temporarily, while other parts may remain active. Your eyes may flutter under closed lids. You ma…
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Out of the Park

There’s not much that Jim Dresser ’63 hasn’t done for Wesleyan. He headed the annual fund, led the alumni association, stepped in as a pinch–hitter for the administration when critical positions became vacant in Universi…
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