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Biology’s New Data Mavens

PEOPLE ARE DATA. That's the mantra for a new breed of biologists who use computers to sort through vast databases comprising billions of bits of information about genes. They are searching for patterns that reveal why one person is different from another, why one person's genes portend cancer while…
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Out Of This World

MARTHA GILMORE IS GOING TO MARS. Again. In fact, this time she's not only responsible for helping pick a landing site, she'll be doing some of the driving on the red planet, too. Gilmore, an assistant professor of earth…
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Food for Thought

DURING HIS 1995 SABBATICAL, PROFESSOR OF GOVERNMENT JOHN FINN did something a bit unusual for a constitutional law scholar of his age and reputation: He went to culinary school. Three days a week for nine months he took…
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Campaign Artistry

THE SHUTTER CLICKS AND BROOKS KRAFT '87 CAPTURES President George W. Bush whispering in the ear of Senator Ted Kennedy, the president's hand lightly resting on the senator's shoulder as both men smile. It's a quintessent…
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What’s Eating Us?

"A LOT OF PEOPLE THINK EATING DISORDERS are based in vanity," says Professor of Psychology Ruth Striegel-Moore. "Bulimia is ‘the stupid thing vain women do.' But they're really disorders of identity." That crucial insig…
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Critical Care

DR. JOSEPH J. FINS '82 WAS A FIRST-YEAR FELLOW in general internal medicine in New York when Eunice Thomas*, a black woman from Guyana with a problem-plagued medical history, was wheeled in by her daughter, Jennifer. Str…
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Fire Fights

THE HELICOPTER CIRCLES THE FIRE in the Sky Lakes Wilderness area of Oregon. The "spotter" on board identifies a break in the trees where firefighters can rappel down. With the side doors open, the roar of the helicopter …
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Playing Politics

YOU MIGHT THINK THAT BRADLEY WHITFORD ’81, award-winning actor on NBC’s The West Wing, could take a lunch break that lasted as long as he wanted. But his beeper goes off and immediately he’s due back on the set, despite…
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