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I spent a significant part of my first year as president planning changes to the economic foundation of the university so as to ensure that we develop the capacity for enhancing our leadership position in higher education. We have been planning a fundraising campaign to increase our endowment, and w…
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Inclusive Baking

WHEN IS A BIRTHDAY CAKE NOT JUST A BIRTHDAY CAKE? The question sounds like a child’s silly riddle. To Jill Greenwald Robbins ’83, a clinical psychologist and the mother of a child with multiple food allergies, the quest…
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Microscopic Puzzle

WELL BEFORE CHARLES DARWIN WROTE THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES, the concept of “species” seemed clear enough. Put simply, species don’t interbreed. Oak trees beget other oak trees with, at most, minor genetic changes over long p…
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More Than a Blip

BY TOM MATLACK ’86 BALTHAZAR RESTAURANT, A FRENCH BISTRO ON SPRING STREET IN THE SOHO SECTION OF MANHATTAN, buzzes at 11 o’clock on a Thursday morning as waiters in white aprons serve espresso, a sprinkling of tourists …
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