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Are We Even Yet?

Imagine parents trying to make ends meet to send their daughter to an expensive college. Imagine that they make every conceivable sacrifice to get their precious child a piece of the American dream. Imagine this all too common scenario— add a dash of hip–hop inspired Latin music—and you get the inco…
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The designers were presented with a considerable architectural challenge. Create a structure to fit a unique site —a former cranberry bog covered in three feet of water—on a modest budget, make it durable and use sustain…
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Professor of Art Jeffrey Schiff was pleased to learn that people are touching his sculpture for good luck on their way into the Connecticut State Courthouse in New Britain.   Although he didn’t foresee its use as …
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Cantonese Pop Songs of 1960s Hong Kong. Czech Bluegrass Gospel. Spectacle and Performance in the New York City Subway. The Function of Song in Egyptian Musical Film. These were four of more than 400 subjects presented, d…
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When I first met Lin-Manuel Miranda ’02 in 2006, he hadn’t won a single Tony. I was writing a story for the Wesleyan Argus about a theater industry panel at the Career Resource Center, and he was a presenter. He radiated…
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Chris Meade and Matt Wheeler are both members of the class of 2005. After graduation, Meade worked as an associate at Cushman & Wakefield in a group representing top financial clients, and Wheeler worked as a senior …
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Political Theologies: Contemporary Christian Engagement In The Public Sphere (Mary-Jane Rubenstein, religion)     The Past on Film (Michael Roth, president)   Biomedicinal Chemistry (Erika Taylor, …
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