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Landsat View

Some old aerial photos, a handmade map, a bright idea?that and a lot of hard work may provide a whole new way to evaluate and influence the rapid growth of Connecticut’s Middlesex County.   The project began when Phillip Resor, assistant professor of earth and environmental sciences, brought …
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Star Treatment

ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF ASTRONOMY EDWARD MORAN was toying with the idea of taking a webcam with him to the Kitt Peak National Observatory so sophomores in his Introduction to Astronomical Techniques class could get a clos…
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Star Power

When Roger Cohen ’03 first looked at the images, he thought there must be some mistake. The dates had to be wrong, or perhaps the images had been mislabeled. But after rechecking the data, the realization of what he was …
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Out Of This World

MARTHA GILMORE IS GOING TO MARS. Again. In fact, this time she's not only responsible for helping pick a landing site, she'll be doing some of the driving on the red planet, too. Gilmore, an assistant professor of earth…
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