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Peter Rutland has mentioned in the past that many Americans know little about the European Union (E.U.), and what they know may be based more on myth than fact. With a major debt crisis threatening the E.U. ́s very existence, we thought it might be a good time to discuss some of these misconceptions…
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Trusted Source

During the last six weeks of the 2010 elections, The New York Times, Politico, NPR’s All Things Considered, Bloomberg News, CBS Evening News, ABC News and more than 100 other news media outlets repeatedly referred to one…
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Rainforest Classroom

NORA CONNER ’07 KNEW that “Tropical Ecology” would be wildly different from any other class she’d taken at Wesleyan. Still, she hadn’t expected to wake up and find a tarantula the size of her hand above her bed. “An eve…
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Valley of Extremes

IT ALL CAME DOWN TO THE WIND ON VENTIFACT RIDGE. The wind—thousands of years' worth of sand-filled storms and sustained breezes blowing in excess of 50 miles per hour—had carved dramatic features into the solid rocks an…
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