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Smoke Signals

ALDOUS HUXLEY AND GEORGE BURNS HAD AT LEAST ONE THING IN COMMON: Both believed a good cigar is essential to happiness. Huxley said a cigar is "much more lasting than love, so much less costly in emotional wear and tear."…
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Campaign Artistry

THE SHUTTER CLICKS AND BROOKS KRAFT '87 CAPTURES President George W. Bush whispering in the ear of Senator Ted Kennedy, the president's hand lightly resting on the senator's shoulder as both men smile. It's a quintessent…
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Critical Care

DR. JOSEPH J. FINS '82 WAS A FIRST-YEAR FELLOW in general internal medicine in New York when Eunice Thomas*, a black woman from Guyana with a problem-plagued medical history, was wheeled in by her daughter, Jennifer. Str…
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