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The Elusive Frontline

STEPHEN YOUNG '73 IS A CAREER DIPLOMAT IN THE STATE DEPARTMENT who was looking for a one-year bridge assignment until a posting he desired opened up in 2002. A colleague persuaded him to serve as director for three countries in the South Asia Affairs section: Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh. …
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New York Recovers

SEPTEMBER 11 WAS A DAY OFF FOR NICK MALTER '87, a New York City firefighter assigned to ladder company 113 in Brooklyn. He and his wife, Jill, were listening to the police scanner after the World Trade Center was attacke…
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Our roundup of noteworthy publications by Wesleyan alumni, faculty members, and parents. NONFICTION W. WOSINKA, R.B. CIALDINI, D. W. BARRETT ’86 and J. REYKOWSKI, editors The Practice of Social Influence in Multiple C…
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