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A Fix For Insurance Maladies

IF ONE BUSINESS MODEL DOESN’T SUCCEED, throw it out and try another. That’s how Jonathan Bush ’93 and a fellow healthcare consultant, Todd Park, handled their first foray into healthcare. They intended to use their management expertise to develop birthing centers that would be family-friendly and i…
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Voice From Liberty

IN LATE JANUARY WE CAUGHT UP WITH DAVID BRANCACCIO '82 while he was in Liberty, Maine, shooting the opening segment of Now, the PBS show he hosts. Liberty is just off Route 3 as the two-lane highway heads east out of Aug…
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Patient Investor

IN THE WINTER OF 1997, with the stock market booming, Wesleyan's Board of Trustees adopted a new investment policy that recognized the need for a full-time investment professional on staff if the institution's portfolio …
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Here by Choice

ON A BREEZY SUNDAY AFTERNOON IN OCTOBER about three dozen high school students and parents attended a workshop, sponsored by Wesleyan's Office of Admission, at Marymount School in Manhattan, a Catholic school for girls l…
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A Secret Sacrifice

TUESDAY, NOV. 3, 1981 CIA HEADQUARTERS, LANGLEY, VIRGINIA As David Forden '52 displayed his ID badge to the guards at the entrance gate to CIA headquarters, he was preoccupied by the growing unrest in Poland. Over brea…
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Calculated Risks

ALAN DACHS '70, PRESIDENT AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER OF THE SAN FRANCISO-BASED INVESTMENT COMPANY FREMONT GROUP, recently concluded 14 years of service on Wesleyan's Board of Trustees, eight of those as chair. He played…
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The Comeback Drug

VISITORS LOOKING FOR THE HEADQUARTERS OF IMCLONE would do well to keep the address in hand because the exterior of an aging building in lower Manhattan's SoHo area does not reveal its corporate resident. This low profile…
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