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Chasing the Widow-Maker

ALAN MILLER '76, INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER FOR THE LOS ANGELES TIMES,was searching for a story that would make readers put down their coffee. He wanted his words to change lives. He had won awards—though not yet the coveted Pulitzer—for his reporting on the Clinton/Gore campaign finance scandal, a sto…
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THE BROAD OUTCOME OF THE WAR IN IRAQ may not be known for years, but in one aspect the results are already clear. The long-standing antagonism between the military and media over war coverage is dramatically changed. The…
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Made From Scratch

AS THE CROWD TRICKLES IN TO A TRENDY MANHATTAN NIGHT CLUB, Jahi Sundance Lake '01, one of New York's hottest young deejays, lugs two steel crates and a satchel stuffed with LPs up the stairs to the loft where he'll perfo…
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What Dot Bomb?

ON AN AVERAGE WEEK you might find Allan Baer '76 noodling out a proposal in his rural Chelsea, Vt., office, pitching his ideas for telecommunications "beyond the grid" to White House bureaucrats, or out in the field anyw…
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Smoke Signals

ALDOUS HUXLEY AND GEORGE BURNS HAD AT LEAST ONE THING IN COMMON: Both believed a good cigar is essential to happiness. Huxley said a cigar is "much more lasting than love, so much less costly in emotional wear and tear."…
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Who Owns The Past?

KARIN HALVORSEN '97 HAS NO TROUBLE REMEMBERING AN AFTER-DINNER DEBATE she witnessed as an undergraduate on a dig in Morgantina, Sicily, co-sponsored by Wesleyan and the University of Virginia. The archaeologists around t…
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