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Two associate professors of film studies, Lisa Dombrowski ’92 and Scott Higgins, have published groundbreaking books that are sure to be useful in American film classes.   Lisa Dombrowski’s If You Die, I’ll Kill Y…
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Last fall, Ben Goldwasser ’05 and Andrew Vanwyngarden ’05, who form the electro-rock music duo named MGMT, released their new CD, Oracular Spectacular on Columbia Records, and since then, their legion of fans continues t…
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Wesleyan’s Center for the Humanities, one of the oldest humanities institutes in the United States, celebrates its 50th anniversary this year with a focus on the ways “the human” has been figured over the past half-centu…
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Stuck at the Bottom

As the labor reporter for the New York Times, Steven Greenhouse ’73, P’08, has an unimpeded view of workplace hell throughout the United States. More and more Americans are descending into this realm, and not just high s…
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