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A Death in Vietnam

FOR MORE THAN 40 YEARS, JILL HUNTING had never dared to hope that this moment would come. But now she had a map in her hand, an interpreter at her side, and thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, the coordinates where her brother, Pete Hunting ’63, had been killed in Vietnam. The interpreter had…
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Vineyard Havens

JEFF MORGAN ’75 POURS A TASTE OF HIS COVENANT WINE at a picnic table in the backyard of his home in California’s Napa Valley. It is an outstanding cabernet, highly rated by both Wine Spectator and the hugely influential …
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Passion for Ideas

AT 3:45 P.M., MICHAEL ROTH ’78 WAS HURRYING TO FINISH HIS LUNCH, an orange-colored soup in a plastic take-out container. Finding any time at all to eat had been difficult that day because he had flown from Los Angeles ba…
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Peapod Ripens

BANANAS ARE THE NUMBER-ONE SELLING ITEM AT PEAPOD, the Internet’s leading grocery service. You might imagine that consumers would want to choose their own bananas to avoid bruised fruit. That they trust Peapod to avoid…
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The Bennet Style

Students present at Doug Bennet’s inauguration remember the event not for the speeches but for the party that followed. Hours after the formalities had ended, a drenching rain turned the Center for the Arts courtyard, si…
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