Editor’s Note: The Best of Both Worlds

After the heady launch of our new digital-only issue in fall 2022, I must admit that there is a certain comfort in returning to print for this issue. As with everything, there are pros and cons to be considered in any new undertaking. Just as we enjoyed exploring the immersive sights, sounds, and expanded accessibility of storytelling through online platforms, we also relish the tactile experience of reading ink on paper and the thrill of a new cover coming off the press. The benefit of doing one digital issue and two print issues a year is being able to reap the best of both worlds, and to reach a wider audience of readers across the country and internationally who are eager to stay in touch and see how Wesleyan continues to grow and evolve with each new semester. Many of you have already written in to share thoughts on the new digital issue and to suggest ideas for future stories. We welcome your feedback—Wesleyans are famous for speaking up and speaking out! Drop us a line at magazine@wesleyan.edu.

Of course, the stories in our print issues will also always be available on our relaunched magazine website, in some cases with expanded content that we just couldn’t squeeze into 80 pages. This Spring 2023 issue is packed with stories on the latest in brain research by Professor Alison O’Neil, alumni who have turned transformative philanthropy into a way of life, and an undefinable and undeniable visiting artist who turns disco into a form of joyous rebellion. You’ll also see what our enterprising students are doing with recyclable electronics and cheer on one of our most senior alumni, a World War II veteran who successfully campaigned to turn a Colorado military training camp into a national monument.

So whether you are reading this nestled in a comfy chair by the fire or on your phone during your evening commute, we hope that you are enjoying seeing what Wesleyan and your fellow Wesleyans are up to. It’s an embarrassment of riches to have so many varied stories to tell and now multiple ways to share them with you.

Managing Editor, Wesleyan University Magazine